The association's mission is to meet and represent the demands of more than 630 fintech members from all financial vertical with government and regulatory bodies, in addition to generating new business among its members and in the market as a whole.

The relevance of ABFintechs has grown over the years precisely because of its important role in regulatory matters, always working closely with regulatory agencies and local authorities, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Brazilian Central Bank (BC), the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep), the Ministry of Economy, among others. The results of this work are great achievements in favor of the fintech ecosystem, such as: CVM Instruction 588, BC Resolution 4656, the Regulatory Sandbox, Startups legal landmark, Pix and participation in the construction of Open Finance Brazil.

The realization of ABFintechs representativeness is also shown in the invitations to compose strategic positions for the progress of financial market matters and innovation, such as:

- Chair at ABNT CEE-112 / ISO-TC 68Financial Services (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards
- National Committee Startups Support Initiatives (Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications)

- Open Finance Governance Structure (Brazilian Central Bank)

- Thematic Chamber of Credit, Insurance and Marketing of Agribusiness (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply)

Why fintechs?
The word fintech came from the combination of two words: financial and technology. The term “financial technology” was abbreviated, giving rise to the word “fintech” we know today.

The term is used to refer to companies or startups that develop fully digital financial products, which have technology as the main differential compared to traditional companies in the sector.

In practice, these are companies that use technology intensively to offer innovative financial services, focused on user experience and needs. They are known for offering less bureaucratic solutions, easier to use and with low cost for the end consumer.

Fintechs can act in several categories: credit, payment, financial management, loan, investment, financing, insurance, debt negotiation, foreign exchange and multi-service.

Together, we will generate new business and revolutionize the Brazilian financial market!


Ensuring that the largest number of fintechs become a real business in Brazil.


Make Brazil a reference in innovation in the financial sector. Becoming a supplier to the world of disruptive innovation in finance.


• Entrepreneurship;
• Ethics;
• Collective Thought;
• Commitment to social impact

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